El Qulaan Mangrove Lagoon, full day trip

Our residence by night

At DeepAshri your pets are welcome!

Enjoy Desert and Relax!

White sand beach Sharm El Luli, full day

Full day by boat, perfect for diving and snorkeling

Enjoy Desert Trip with dinner at beduin tent

#DeepLove in Marsa Alam - Red Sea

#DeepEmotions in Marsa Alam - Red Sea

Appartamenti in residence fronte mare

#DeepEmotions incontri con squali martello e longimano a Elphinstone Reef-Marsa Alam

#NiceToMeetTurtles in Marsa Alam - Red Sea

#TakeItEasy in Marsa Alam - Red Sea

Best snorkeling trips in Marsa Alam - Red Sea

Comodi appartamenti mono e bilocali in residence fronte mare

Stanco dei soliti resort? Goditi le meraviglie di Marsa Alam in un soggiorno in completa libertà

Prepara i tuoi piatti preferiti nei nostri appartamenti completamente accessoriati

Sono i dettagli che fanno la differenza!

Fly with #Turtles #Snorkeling #MarsaAlam

#Dive with #Dolphins at #MarsaAlam

#Dive is #Love

#AcrobaticDive at #MarsaAlam

Let your first time be really #magic !

#Dive #Fly with #Dugong at #MarsaAlam






Enjoy with us your adventures at #MarsaAlam #RedSea

And you, what are you waiting for?

Thanks to the partnership with the Awlad Baraka Diving Center, in Tondoba Bay, we can help you organize the most suitable dives for your experience and, of course, for your dreams! From simple bays, suitable for all levels, to external reefs like Sha’ab Dolphin House, up to the most exciting ones like Elphinstone Reef.

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Sha'ab Marsa Alam, snorkeling with dolphins and dives in a wonderful coral garden!

This and much more wait you at Sha'ab Marsa Alam, watch this video!

A reef emerging just a few miles from the Reef Villa diving center can give you unforgettable emotions, such as encountering with friendly dolphins!

Enjoy a stay in total freedom in our comfortable seafront residence in Marsa Alam!

Studio and two-bedroom flats for 2-4 people smartly furnished and equipped in Marsa Alam seafront accommodation

Discover marine life, dive with sea cow, dugong, at Marsa Egla!

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