Marsa Egla

Half day trip to Marsa Egla

Just 15 minutes by car or minibus from Deep Ashri, you reach Marsa Egla, a bay away from the resort, a free beach ideal for both snorkeling and diving, especially for beginners.


Perfect for...

Diving: adult / child intro, diving lessons, beginners, experts. Snorkeling: baby snorkeling, beginners, experts Water activities: First explorations with the mask, snorkeling, even with floating jacket

Dive Features:

Level: easy Entrance to the water: from the sandy beach Deep: 2 to 20 meters Visibility: 20-30 meters Currents: no

The entrance is directly from the beach, on a sandy bottom, the bottom goes down gently and in the first part of the dive is worth a walk on the prairie where turtles often meet and occasionally even the legendary dugong (sea cow). In the first 10 minutes of diving you stay at a depth between 2 and 6 meters, you can admire corals of every species and, in the small bays on the north side, we can find the crocodile fish and the walkman fish of the scorpion family. Continuing, around 7 meters, we will find a coral reef that is particularly rich in soft corals, scorpion fish, lyon fish, glass fish, a really exciting spectacle. Still a few finning between box fish, ball fish, trigon, murene, and we reach 18 meters, where a real colony of anemones awaits us with the funny clown fish, which we all now call Nemo.

At this depth for beginners it reverses the route and returns, rising by a few meters to cross the barrier in its brightest part so that you can see what has escaped following the deeper part of the way, colorful coral, murene, possibility of meeting turtles, guitar sharks and more… For the more experienced you can go on, reaching a depth of 27-28 meters, then go back along the reef towards the beach at a depth of 8-10 meters, with more light and more colors.

Have a drink, read a book and feel happy

Star House Pool view Caffe

We dive every day in different locations, if you choose full day by boat you will be back at your apartment or at your hotel room in the afternoon, so you can relax and enjoy our Caffe, have a drink or a real italian espresso coffee, watching videos of your exciting video of your dives.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer...

Have a swim and relax after a day out

Star House Pool

Keep your connection with the water when you finish your daily activities, and keep fit, because when swimming, the added effect of water moving over the body creates a massaging sensation, promoting relaxation.

Enjoy our outdoopr pool

Ready for your Desert Adventures?

Desert trip with dinner and watching stars

Discover the desert with our partner Diaa Shawki , 15 km by Jeep admiring great panorama , warm light, and the sound of silence, Nice dinner in the desert and after sunset you can see the stars and the moon with telescope . Your trip will start at 14;00 and you will be back at 21:30.

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