Slows. Observe. Breathe. ENJOY NATURE!

Dive with dugong!

Meet Turtles!

Enjoy Sharks at Elphinstone Reef!

Discover colorful reef full of life!

Virgin bays with turtles and rays

If it's your first time exploring the ocean, you're in the right place! Our bays allow you to start diving in easy and safe environments, with gradual depths and wonderful coral reefs within everyone's reach. You can start with an intro dive (Try Scuba SSI, Discovering Scuba Dive PADI), a first dive to a maximum depth of 8 meters with the instructor, in a one-to-one relationship, and then continue with the 4-day course and thus become a certified OPEN WATER diver PADI or SSI.

Learn how to scuba dive and change the way you view the world forever. You will get to explore a hidden underwater world filled with colorful marine life and dramatic landscapes. This safe fun sport for the whole family is truly unbeatable. Begin your adventure today.

Our instructors have more than fifteen years of experience, and can therefore offer high-level training, taking care not only of the technical aspects that will allow you excellent buoyancy control and perfect movement in the water, but also and above all they will make you an explorer in able to approach the creatures you encounter in these seas in the right way to obtain that contact that will allow you to experience unforgettable emotions because this is the most fascinating part of scuba diving.