Sha'ab Samadai Dolphin House

Full day by boat Sha’ab Samadai Dolphin House

Just 45 minutes by boat from our Marina, a few minutes from our compound and hotel, you can reach one of the most spectacular reefs in the area, where you often meet a playful group of spinner dolphins that give great emotions to those who dive and explore this reef with fins, mask and snorkel.


Perfect for...

Diving: beginners, experts. Snorkelling: beginners, experts Aquatic: snorkeling, with compulsory buoyancy compensator

Diving features:

Level: easy, medium Entering the water: from a boat or speedboat Depth: between 10 and 30 meters Visibility: 30 meters Currents: no

Just 40 minutes by boat, covering a distance of 10 miles from the port of Marsa Alam, you reach one of the most spectacular reefs in the area, which became a National Park in 2004. The real name of the reef is Sha'ab Samadai, but it is better known as the Dolphin House due to the presence of a permanent family of dolphins.

Being a national park, very restrictive rules are in force, which divide the area into three different zones: zone A exclusive for dolphins, zone B only for snorkeling with mandatory flotation jacket and zone C for mooring boats and for scuba diving.

The first dive is usually done on the east side, directly from the boat or with the help of the dinghy. You skirt the barrier until you reach (depending on the patents) the maximum depth of 24-30 meters, reaching suggestive caves. A short distance from the area where the boats moor, approximately 15-17 meters deep, we come across a series of pinnacles covered in alcyonaria and a veritable expanse of anemones inhabited by cute clownfish.

For the second dive we move to the western side, by boat or dinghy, with suggestive passages in fascinating canyons rich in corals and fish of all species. You will then exit on the outermost pinnacle, and in the drop-off you can see some pelagics such as carangids, barracudas, Napoleon wrasse. Depending on the air still available, you can continue the tour of the pinnacles covered with colored alcyonaria, gorgonians, sponges and various species of hard coral, until you reach the boat directly.

Have a drink, read a book and feel happy

Star House Pool view Caffe

We dive every day in different locations, if you choose full day by boat you will be back at your apartment or at your hotel room in the afternoon, so you can relax and enjoy our Caffe, have a drink or a real italian espresso coffee, watching videos of your exciting video of your dives.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer...

Have a swim and relax after a day out

Star House Pool

Keep your connection with the water when you finish your daily activities, and keep fit, because when swimming, the added effect of water moving over the body creates a massaging sensation, promoting relaxation.

Enjoy our outdoopr pool

Ready for your Desert Adventures?

Desert trip with dinner and watching stars

Discover the desert with our partner Diaa Shawki , 15 km by Jeep admiring great panorama , warm light, and the sound of silence, Nice dinner in the desert and after sunset you can see the stars and the moon with telescope . Your trip will start at 14;00 and you will be back at 21:30.

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